Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Weekend with the Butlers

Zach has been in Phoenix since October. It really has not been fun. Brigette cries every time he comes home and than leaves. Last week I got pretty sick so the RV Park gave me the week off. We got to go stay with Zach since last Wednesday and Zach went back this morning. Pretty much all we did was drive but it was nice to spend more than one day with him. Brigette cried all morning because he had to leave. This past weekend we went to Show Low. Marcus and Traci blessed Jack. It was really a nice weekend. Traci's parents had everyone over, and they served us lunch. The food was awesome, and Marcus gave a beautiful blessing. This little boy has got a great mission in life!! Here is Grandpa Butler (Brigette calls him Pops) with his 2 grandkids, Brigette & Jack.Brigette giving Jack some kisses (sorry these are so dang dark!!)

Brigette dressing up Pops Sunday morning before church!!

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Jessica said...

Mark looks thrilled to be playing dressup!