Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I decided that there are just some things I don't really ever want to see my husband doing!!! This is one of them... I know he loves what he does and that's fine with me, but when you are climbing a tower that is 150ft tall and you can hear the electricity around you, I just don't want to see it. Makes me sick to my stomach!!! (Although he does look really hot in this pic!!!!)


Kay said...

I prefer to not know what Bo does at work. If I just believe he's always safe, I don't need to know how dangerous it really is! Thank goodness for Linemen!

Sara said...

Yeah thank so calling me, so now I am not having anymore Birthdays!!!!LOl
Love you

Sara said...

Ok that was not written right, I meant to say Thanks for calling me so now I am not having anymore birthdays!!!!!