Monday, November 24, 2008

Love My Lineman

Just thought that I would post a couple more pictures of Zach and some guys in his class down at climbing school. He absolutly loves it, and I've got a disk with almost 300 pictures on it, plus they have more!!! Oh well they are pretty cool pictures! Zach is farthest on our right.
Hanging out at the top of the tower.

Looking down (not even to the top yet!!)

I thought this one looked pretty cool with all of them on top of the poles.

Workin' hard!!! Lookin' good!!!


Alicia said...

Those pictures are crazy!

I just checked out the pictures of your baby belly. It is so tiny for being almost done! Unless you do plan on going the full 60 weeks, that is. :)

Jessica said...

Those pics are awesome!

3watkins said...

Scary!!! You would never see my husband up there, not for anything. I had so much fun with you, I can't wait to see you Sat. Love you much!!!