Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Spring!!!

It has been really nice the past couple of days (nice not to have snow or wind!!!) So yesterday I put shorts on Brigette so we could go to the park and play. She freaked out on me!!! She kept crying telling me there was something wrong with her pants and she didn't like them!! (I remember a similar incident with a little Hayden Joshua) Eventually she got over it and was fine with wearing them, although upset at me because I didn't let her wear her new "fip fops" to the park!!
So my mom requested a couple pictures and being very uncreative today, this is what she gets....
Tera in her second outfit today, thanks to a little potty accident
And Brigette outside after she finished her popsicle, in "fip fops" and capri's!!


Jessica said...

OH MY GOSH! Tera looks like such a big girl! they grow up too fast! Thats so funny about Briggie and her shorts- so Hayden all the way!

Alicia said...

Those pictures are cute. Tera looks like she's growing too fast!! These kids need to not grow so fast.