Friday, April 24, 2009

Headgates & Toddlers

Yesterday I went with my dad and the three toddlers (Mason, Matthew & Brigette) to open the headgate on the big ditch. We rode in the back of the pickup while Papa drove. The kiddos were very impressed with the water (what little was in the ditch). Mason even asked me if there were sharks in there. Nope, sorry Mason. The kids were very excited about everything, asking the cows to say moo and jumping up and down in the bed of the truck "dancing" for papa!! It was pretty fun, and while papa cleaned some weeds out we took pictures!!!!

My dad is in this picture, his shirt is just the same color as everything around him!!
He wouldn't look at me, I even told him it was for his posterity, no luck...

Brigette, Matthew & Mason

Cheesy Briggie & Matthew

Three kids, don't ask me what Briggie is doing, I have no idea!!

Last but not least Mason and I. He was my little buddy yesterday. I had to help him hide during hide-n-seek, run during kick ball, and he just pretty much hung out with me!!! He is such a fun kid!!!
pictures of kick ball soon to come!!!!


Jessica said...

Those are the cutest pictures! It cracks me up about dad not looking at the camera- thats dad for you! I also love how Briggie is always doing something cute/silly in all the pics! Mason loved being with you yesterday sounds like you had lots of fun!

kristal said...

Mason is soo freaking cute. Um, yea, my dad too! And when we finally do get him to look, he always looks like he's miserable, but the second the camera goes away, he's happy again. UG! dads!

You'd be soo proud of me today...I'll have to take a pciture and blog about what I did.