Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Camping

So for the past week I have been trying to get the rest of my pictures to download, but they are being stubborn and so this is all you get for now!!! We had such a fun time. Zach's mom and Aunt Traci did an awesome job. They had a little kid Easter egg hunt, and dying eggs, kite flying, adult Easter egg hunt that ended with a gift exchange, we played washers, Zach played pitch. Zach also hung up a swing for the kids and the guys went for a huge hike to the river to go fishing. Except for the cold rain on Saturday it was pretty fun. I really love these spring camping trips that we go on with Zach's family. We always have so much fun, eat way too much good food (thanks Uncle Cole and Mark!!) and just have a really great time!! I can't wait to do it again next year!!!
Givin loves Catching a ride on the swing daddy hung up for the kiddos

I told Brigette to smile and show me her Easter eggs...

On Saturday Zach & I celebrated 5 years of being together

What can I say, he's a great guy!!!

Brittyn (& part of Easton) hunting Easter eggs

Brigette looking for eggs

(Look at that bum crack stickin out!!!)

Found another one!!!

How adorable does she look in that hat!!! I LOVE it!!!

Tera hanging out in Hayden's toy (It was Tera's first camping trip!!!)

Zach throwing washers

More eggs

I told her to say cheese, not be cheesy

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Jessica said...

those pics are so cute! Your little girls are adorable, I just love them!