Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween FHE

Tonight Zach got home early, and since Beau is still OTR we decided to carve pumpkins for our FHE this week, yes we are a little late, but we actually did have FHE on Monday too!!! Anyways... Zach is so darn talented he can draw, paint, carve, pretty much whatever you want!!! So the kids were pretty excited and were all very patient while Zach helped them all carve their pumpkins. Here he is with Hayden... Hayden and Tanner supervising

Brigete and Mason super excited about their Jack-o-lanterns!!

Brigette picked her pumpkin from the garden all by herself and Mason got his pumpkin from Nana!!!

(Yes I just realized the last two pictures are the same, but since Tera is asleep, I'm heading that way too!!!)


Danielle said...

Your kitchen cabinets are RED? Love it! I think I may have to go seriously reconsider my kitchen decor now.

P.S. The pumpkins and lovely too. :)

Jessica said...

Sooo fun! I'm so glad Zach was here to do that this year with the kids!

Oh and thats my house Danielle! I'm a sucker for red!