Saturday, October 10, 2009

S.S. Stampin Up

On Thursday I got a Stampin Up order in, Mason and Brigette were just as excited as I was for it. Except, I was excited for what was in the box, they were just excited for the box. Brigette has a little play cleaning set with a vacuum, mop, broom, etc. They used the mop and broom as oars...
And then blew out the back of the box!!!

What a couple of goofs!!!!

Also, Briggie and I got some Squtter Nut Bosches (aka: Butternut Squashes, thank you Tubbies)
from my Aunt from the family garden. We like to draw eyes and spooky mouths on them to make them look like ghosts. This squtter nut bosch is Brigette's wickedy ghost, and that is Brigette's wickedy ghost face, she did it all herself!!! I'm so proud ;)

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Jessica said...

I can't get enough of how cute those two are!