Monday, October 12, 2009


On Saturday we went to the Badlands with Beau and Jessica and their kids. We packed up a picnic and some guns, ammo and some awesome targets that Beau had welded that morning. Here is Tanner doing it "Annie Oakley" style
Zach helping Brigette while Mason stands back!!!

Masons turn with some help from Beau.

Brigette again, she sure can go through the rounds!!!!

Mason getting ready, Jessica, Brigette and Emmaree watching.

While Beau, Zach, Jessica, Hayden and I took our turns shooting, the kids played on the hills. Brigette is not scared of anything, I was kinda wondering how long it would take her to make it to the top, but Tanner was good and convincing her to not go to high up!!!

Brigette, Tanner and Mason

After we went shooting at the badlands we headed into town for the Harvest Festival which included balloon animals, face painting, games for the kids, caramel apples, cotton candy, some delicious BBQ and a bunch of other stuff!! We had such an awesome day, can't wait to do it again!!!


Jessica said...

See how much funner JC is with you guys here!

Ashley Lois said...

jessica, "funner" is not a word. sigh. i'll let it slide this time, though. anywho, looks like you guys had a good time and stuff!

Jessica said...

Ashley, "anywho" is not a word! UGH!! Guess I have to let it slide!

Couple of Hunt's said...

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