Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Little Girl Feet

Saturday Tiff took Brigette with her to the local Pizza Hangout in town to pick up dinner while the men were at Priesthood meetings. Tiffany later informed me of the conversation she and Brigette had. It goes as follows:
Tiff: "Brigette, your feet are bare!"
Brigette: "My feet aren't bear feet!! They are little girl feet!"
Tiff: "Not 'Bear' feet, you don't have any shoes on!!"
Aren't little kids great!!!


Alicia said...

That's soooo cute! I love it!

Last night, my mom called Lacy "doll" and she said, "No Gamma. I Laaaacccy." And she said it really slowly and pointed to herself like my mom was dumb or something. It was so funny! Kids are the best.

Ashley Lois said...

goodness, briggie is such a goof!

Jessica said...

I love it! She is so funny!